Bohemian Botanicals — Maracujá Booster
Bohemian Botanicals — Maracujá Booster
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Bohemian Botanicals — Maracujá Booster

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Take a walk on the wild seed.

Our latest Bohemian Botanicals Booster features Passion Fruit Oil. In Portuguese, it's known as Maracujá.

"Passion Fruit Oil is a superior emollient that is rich in Vitamin A, calcium, and phosphorous. The content of essential fatty acids and light texture of Passion Fruit Oil makes it a valuable in skincare intended to nourish and treat dry skin conditions. It is also recommended for use in scalp and hair care products to encourage healthy hair growth and increased vitality."

"Passion Fruit Oil has documented skin-soothing properties. It’s also a source of lycopene, and antioxidant common to tomatoes. The lycopene in this oil evens out skin tone and takes care of sun damage."

"Additionally, studies have shown that acne-prone skin is usually deficient in linoleic acid, and thanks to Passion Fruit Oil’s high linoleic acid content, it may help to balance the skin and prevent acne."

Cedarwood Essential Oil adds a beautiful woodsy note to the natural, light, fruity scent of Maracujá Oil. "It is said to help maintain the appearance of youthful skin and healthy-looking hair."


  • 10ml amber glass dropper bottle
  • Sourced in small quantities to maintain freshness
  • Hand blended to order
  • Best used within a year