Biased Blemish Buster - Acne Gel
Biased Blemish Buster - Acne Gel
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Biased Blemish Buster - Acne Gel

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This can't correct the brain's built-in negative bias, but it can help bring your skin back into balance and minimize or eliminate break-outs.

Introducing a potent gel infused with botanical oils and extraxts to provide effective targeted blemish control for use anytime, anywhere.

It is specially formulated with Tea Tree Oil, renowned for its natural purifying and antibacterial properties, to help promote a clearer, healthier-looking complexion.

To the mix, we've added Calendula Hydrosol, Juniper Berry Extract, Eucalyptus, Pink Grapefruit, Rosemary and Spearmint Essential Oils. A powerful potion for your pimples that is calming, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, great at preventing infections and excellent at managing sebum production without causing further irritation.

Just a dab of this organic acne spot treatment will fight signs of troublesome blemishes. Please bear in mind that this is not a medical grade acne treatment. It's an all natural concoction of goodness to help aid your skin in fighting off pimples.

Results will vary from person to person.
Bust your blemishes, the rebel way.


  • 30g aluminium tin
  • Made fresh to order