Twisted Tulsi Hair Mask
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Twisted Tulsi Hair Mask

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Don't get it twisted. Almonds are a nutritious snack, but almond milk also does wonders for your hair. Get ready for your healthiest hair with our Twisted Tulsi Hair Mask that's made with organic almond milk. 

"Almonds have monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins that help strengthen the hair. These nutrients penetrate into the hair strands and make them stronger. The protein in almond milk is one of the best ways to help restore and repair hair as well as speed up the process of growth and make it a lot easier to maintain." 

"Tulsi improves circulation and keeps your scalp, roots and hair clean. It is helpful in tackling the problem of hair loss, dandruff and can get you stronger, shinier and healthier tresses of amazing volume organically." 

Twisted Tulsi is a thrilling mix of organic almond milk, tulsi (holy basil), hibiscus flowers and rosemary. 

  • 100g
  • Handmade to order