ÁNTHOS Solid Perfume
ÁNTHOS Solid Perfume
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ÁNTHOS Solid Perfume

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A mystikal floral bouquet that centers around the lotus flower. This solid perfume blossoms on the skin and, over several hours each ingredient flourishes, making it an experience of true imagination.

It is eternally late spring in this endless moon garden and the flora is always just peaking out to blossom at the height of twilight. 

Envision rain-soaked magnolia petals as you walk around ylang ylang trees in full bloom. Let the sweet and herbaceous scent of blue tansy calm you as you watch delicate chamomile buds sway, their aroma being carried away by a breeze.

Anything is possible in this mystikal space. Where else could you be drawn to the musk-like and green aroma of angelica horns protruding through up heaved blue soil.

Or see a pile of witches' herbs laid down between velveteen leaves. Here you'll find whispers of basil and ginger with their slightly sharp and spicy edges.

As you explore further, you'll encounter sinfully luxurious whiffs of hyacinth and frangipani, the dewy-freshness of wisteria and hints of fluttering poppy petals. Deep at the heart of Ánthos is the all-pervading scent of sultry black roses.

You will find that just as real flowers will wilt and decay, a natural perfume will not last as long as its synthetic counterpart. Solid perfumes tend to wear close to the skin.