Black Magic Face Mask
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Black Magic Face Mask

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Black Coffee.
Black Lipstick.
Black Magic.

Our Black Magic Face Mask works well for acne-prone and problematic skin. Its powder formula keeps the mask free from preservatives so you can add your choice of liquid for more benefits.

Activated charcoal helps shrink the appearance of pores, exfoliates and balances oily skin. It has a powerful effect when it comes to binding to impurities on the surface of skin (like dirt, pollutants from the environment, and build-up, for example) and removing them.

Kaolin Clay is the gentlest of the different clays available. It isn’t over-drying and it stimulates circulation. This clay helps to calm skin and remove dead skin cells.

Made With: Activated Carbon/Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Dead Sea Clay, Organic ground Rosehip Seeds and Hibiscus.

TIP: You can use a lil' Black Magic on pesky spots and leave it on overnight (use an old pillowcase when you're doing this).

  • 100g
  • Handmade to order