Blasé Barley Moisturizer/Mask
Blasé Barley Moisturizer/Mask
Blasé Barley Moisturizer/Mask
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Blasé Barley Moisturizer/Mask

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Why so blasé, barley? Wheats the matter?

Perhaps it’s true what they say, no plains, no grains.


Indifference may be your default mode these days, but our Blasé Barley Moisturizer/Mask is worth getting excited about. This double duty formula is enriched with aloe vera, barley powder, hyaluronic acid, calendula oil, as well as cucumber and oatmeal extracts. Today’s the day to breathe new life into your same old skin care routine.


Barley’s skin soothing properties combined with moisturizing oatmeal as well as cucumber’s non-sensitizing and antioxidant activity, makes for a moisturizer/mask that has a cushiony-smooth texture, is non-greasy and nourishing. Every jar is freshly hand whipped to order with healing calendula infused, cold pressed sunflower and apricot kernel oils.


Experience the face-moisturizing bliss for yourself.


  • 100g
  • Housed in a clear glass jar
  • Handmade to order
  • Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Allantoin (derived from aloe vera), Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Barley Powder, Calendula Infused Cold Pressed Sunflower & Apricot Kernel Oils, Oatmeal Extract, Cucumber Extract, Copolymer, Oat, Milk & Honey (skin-safe) Fragrance Oil, Liquid Germall Plus (paraben-free preservative).