Laidback Lavender Foot Soak
Laidback Lavender Foot Soak
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Laidback Lavender Foot Soak

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A long day of work can be rough on the feet. All that pacing, walking, running and driving around, takes a toll on your tootsies. Our Laidback Lavender Foot Soak is soothing and healing, without any nasties. So run some warm water into a basin, add a few scoops of this mix to the water and give your feet a treat.

Epsom salt removes toxins from the body that can cause irritation, inflammation, and body pain. Whether you’re looking to relax the body, soak away stress, or soothe tired feet - this blend can help make you feel lighter. 

We've loaded it with magnesium-rich Organic Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, and New Zealand Pacific Ocean Organic Sea Salt. We've combined these salts with Cold Pressed & Unrefined Andiroba Oil (said to helpful with muscle and joint aches), Vitamin E Oil, aromatic essential oils, organic peppermint leaves, eucalyptus powder, organic rosemary leaves, and lavender buds.

In these days of having to isolate, taking time to care for yourself with a spa day can be vitally important. This herbal foot soak can easily be part of your home footcare routine.


  • 200g glass jar / 2 x 100g glass jars
  • Handmade to order