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Lyrical Lemon Hydrosol Toner/Mist
Lyrical Lemon Hydrosol Toner/Mist
The Raw Rebel

Lyrical Lemon Hydrosol Toner/Mist

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The zest is yet to come.
Lyrical Lemon has a vibrant lemon citrus scent with soft, bittersweet notes.

Lemon Hydrosol is unsurpassed for oily skin. It is said to contain both Vitamin C and antioxidants which may help balance skin tone, lighten acne scars, restore elasticity and vitality.

Not only is it ideal for oily and blemished skin, it can also be used to treat scalp and hair that are prone to oiliness. The hydrosol offers refreshing relief on scorching hot days, however, be sure not to apply it directly before or in direct sunlight.

Bring this along on your travels, enjoy its astringent properties (excellent choice for acne and problematic skin), spritz it around your space to evoke focus, concentration and uplift your mood.

Our Floral Waters are free of emulsifying agents and preservatives. 

  • Packed in 50ml PET plastic spray bottle(s)
  • Imported from Italy
  • Sourced in small batches