Ombak (s) — Incense Holder
Ombak (s) — Incense Holder
Ombak (s) — Incense Holder
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Ombak (s) — Incense Holder

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Ride the wave of bliss with our hand formed ombak incense stick holder. Fits regular incense sticks. Perfect for a variety of interior styles, from minimal to eclectic.


  • Width: 5.2cm
  • Length: 13.4cm
  • This clay holder is a 100% handmade product and can show marks of this process. Any inequalities, scratches or spots are not accidental, they constitute the uniqueness of each individual art that I create with passion and love.
  • This holder was made using air dry earthen clay and terracotta, painted with acrylics, sealed with a glossy sealer and finished with two coats of matte varnish.
  • To clean, use a dry cloth to remove surface dust. Never use any harsh chemical cleaners. Do not get wet or soak. Air Dry Clay is not waterproof.
  • In case of staining, gently clean the area using a soft dry brush first, followed with a moist towel, then wipe dry immediately.
  • While these pieces are sturdy, they are susceptible to breaking so be gentle with them.