Pañca Kit
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Pañca Kit

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Pañca is all about light and pure delight. Soak in the scent of sun rays and find your bliss.

Read on to learn more about each item in this Rebel Ritual Kit.


1. Sundrunk Solid Perfume Notes:

Enticing accords of spiced citrus, sultry neroli and jasmine, sea salt, juniper berries, roses, clove and dragon's blood blanket the warm blossoms of sun-kissed honeysuckle. Get ready to be wrapped in floral delight.

In the language of flowers, honeysuckle means devoted love. It’s not hard to imagine why. We've honed in on its meaning to capture our devotion for warm, seemingly endless sunny days. The state of general wooziness that happens when you step into the shade after spending hours under the sun.

2. Joy Incense Frequency:

It is okay to be joyful, even when the sky is falling. When you are joyful, you have everything.

Don’t let any mental anguish sap the joy from your life.

Find joy, breathe joy and create joy – EVERYDAY.

3. Elixir of Joy Energising Spray:

A grounding spray that works on you and your space. Use the classic Elixir of Joy for aura cleansing and raising energy, removing negativity, clearing and purifying your home/working space, energizing crystals and personal protection.


  • Handmade in small batches 
  • A collaboration with Practical Magick by Rhiannon
  • KIT CONTAINS: 1 x TRR Sundrunk Solid Perfume 10g, 15 x Joy Incense Sticks, 1 x Elixir of Joy Energising Spray 50ml handmade by Practical Magick by Rhiannon