Root 'Em Up — Double Row Hair Pick
Root 'Em Up — Double Row Hair Pick
Root 'Em Up — Double Row Hair Pick
Root 'Em Up — Double Row Hair Pick
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Root 'Em Up — Double Row Hair Pick

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Sometimes, you might need a little help to raise your roots. That is where Root 'Em Up comes in. This tool is designed to help gently pick, lift hair away from your scalp and add volume to your curls with minimal effort. 


Root 'Em Up works best for those who have Type 3c curls* or lower. The two rows of wide teeth help target your roots to create a fuller head of curls without hurting your scalp or compromising curl definition. 


Reminder:  Lift at the roots and stop. A hair pick is not meant to be used to comb your curls from root to tip in one fell swoop.


*"Type 3 curly hair can range from loose, buoyant loops to tight, springy corkscrews that have some sheen but are prone to frizz."

  • ABS Plastic
  • Regular: 16.7cm (l)  x 6.9cm (w)
  • Large: 18cm (l) x 9.7cm (w)
  • Imported in small batches
  • Care Instructions: The pick is somewhat fragile, do not pull or press hard. It can be washed with mild liquid soap.
  • Your Ritual: Start with washed and fully dried hair. Flip your hair forward to start picking at the nape, moving towards the back of the head. Place the pick at an angle, close to the root. Move your hand up and away from the scalp as far as two to three centimeters. Shake your hair out, flip it back before moving to the sides, around the crown area, then to the front. The last step consists of adding some volume to the areas you missed when your hair was flipped forward. Some frizz near the roots is to be expected.
  • Good To Know: "To avoid unwanted frizz, do not pick the areas of hair around the temples (baby hairs). Instead, separate your hair by using sectioning clips."