Sacred Sandalwood Hydrosol Toner/Mist
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Sacred Sandalwood Hydrosol Toner/Mist

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Who decides what is sacred and sacrilegious?

 As far as plant skin partners go, sandalwood hydrosol fairs pretty well to hydrate skin and hair. It is mildly aromatic and refreshing – the latter makes it particularly useful if you’re spritzing multiple times throughout the day.

Some sources say that sandalwood hydrosol may help soothe skin and restore balance. It may also helpful for mature skin.

It is important to note that, science tells us using sandalwood oil on skin can cause skin sensitivity, especially when used in pure concentrations. Therefore, it is a must to avoid if you have extra-sensitive skin or normally react to fragrance.

  • 50ml/100ml/150ml
  • Imported from India
  • Sourced in small batches
  • Housed in amber PET plastic spray bottle(s)