Santé — Face Serum
Santé — Face Serum
Santé — Face Serum
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Santé — Face Serum

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Here's to your skin health.


Santé is a gel textured serum infused with willow bark and silk protein. A combination of meadowfoam seed and sea buckthorn oils are whisked in to lend a hand with hydrating, protecting and fortifying your skin barrier.


Willow bark extract is said to help calm redness, reduce oiliness and minimize the appearance of fine lines and or wrinkles.


There is a small amount of research showing silk protein may have topical antioxidant properties. There are also studies pointing toward silk’s ability to improve penetration for active ingredients. 


Sodium hyaluronate is a water-soluble salt that's derived from hyaluronic acid. It attracts and binds water, is more stable and less likely to oxidize. 


Santé is fast absorbing, non-greasy, and suited for most skin types. We love how easily it glides over skin to deliver a powerful shot of nourishment each time. 


À votre bonne santé, rebels.



  • 30ml
  • Housed in a clear glass dropper bottle
  • Made in small batches to maintain freshness and quality
  • Application Tip: once or twice daily on clean, damp skin. The moisture needs to be sealed/locked in with your favourite moisturizer or face oil. Remember to use sunscreen last during the day.
  • Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cold Pressed and Unrefined Sea Buckthorn Oil (Russia) Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Willow Bark Extract, Silk Protein, Magnolia (skin-safe) Fragrance Oil, Glycerin, Optiphen ND.