Sundrunk Solid Perfume
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Sundrunk Solid Perfume

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Enticing accords of spiced citrus, sultry neroli and jasmine, sea salt, juniper berries, roses, clove and dragon's blood blanket the warm blossoms of sun-kissed honeysuckle. Get ready to be wrapped in floral delight.

In the language of flowers, honeysuckle means devoted love. It’s not hard to imagine why. We've honed in on its meaning to capture our devotion for warm, seemingly endless sunny days. The state of general wooziness that happens when you step into the shade after spending hours under the sun.

Using Sundrunk is akin to letting your skin soak up the sun and radiate it outward. Housed in a petite 10g tin, it is like a small talisman or good luck trinket to carry with you where ever you may roam.

Just apply sparingly on pulse points, décolletage, on inner elbows, and behind the ears for a scent that lasts for hours.

Perfumes made with natural oils and scents behave differently than regular, alcohol based manufactured scents. They react and bond with your body's own natural chemistry, creating a scent that is uniquely "you". Apply throughout the day to your pulse points to keep your scent strong and refreshed.


  • 10g screw cap aluminium tin.
  • Handmade in small batches.
  • We make our own Dragon's Blood infusion with Golden Jojoba Oil.