Tri Kit
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Tri Kit

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Tri is a invitation to add magick and mysticism into your diverse journeys. Read on to learn more about each item in this Rebel Ritual Kit.

1. Sacred Terra Solid Perfume Notes:

Enjoy whispers of woody aromas, the smell of damp soil and earthy foliage mixed with falled leaves and a chord of ceremonial resins. Sacred Terra blooms and evolves upon contact with the warmth of skin.

The scent profile of this blend begins with Hemp, the sweet resin balsam of Peru, Pine, Bergamot, Cedarwood and sacred Sandalwood. Swirled in are notes of Bamboo, Jasmine, Geranium Bourbon, French Lavender, Rose, Chamomile and a dusting of Black Pepper.

2. Magick Incense Frequency:

Get ready to enter a new portal with this truly magickal incense. It walks us through a doorway where anything is possible.

It is a guide helping us penetrate through layers of fears, shattering the illusion that we are bound by any limitations.

These hand-rolled incense sticks are made with Natural Wood Flour with Compounded Herbs, Barks, Resins and Essential Oils. They hold the key to hidden wisdom on your path.

3. Elixir of Joy Energising Spray:

A grounding spray that works on you and your space. Use the classic Elixir of Joy for aura cleansing and raising energy, removing negativity, clearing and purifying your home/working space, energizing crystals and personal protection.


  • Handmade in small batches
  • A collaboration with Practical Magick by Rhiannon
  • KIT CONTAINS: 1 x TRR Sacred Terra Solid Perfume 10g by The Raw Rebel, 10 x Magick Premium Incense Sticks and 1 x Elixir of Joy Energising Spray 50ml handmade by Practical Magick by Rhiannon