Tropic Tonic — Hair Elixir
Tropic Tonic — Hair Elixir
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Tropic Tonic — Hair Elixir

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To make all your hair products as effective as they can be - start at the roots. Fortify your hair care routine with Tropic Tonic.

This lightweight formula is designed to help keep your hair and scalp happy and healthy. Here you'll find potent herbal infusions of rosemary, nettle, sage, yarrow, birch, horsetail and lime tree.


The inclusion of D-panthenol and plant actives, namely, soy and carob tree hydrolysates, adds an energy boost to the hair bulbs as it replenishes the scalp with essential nutrients for healthier hair.


Formulated for all hair types (except those with allergies to any one of the ingredients mentioned), Tropic Tonic softens and hydrates hair, nourishes the scalp and is also for those who want help improving the structural integrity of their hair fibers. 



  • 50ml and 100ml
  • Housed in glass spray bottles
  • Handmade fresh to order
  • Your Ritual: Use on towel-dried, clean hair. Spritz directly onto scalp then massage gently with fingertips. Or spray on hair strands and lightly scrunch in.
  • Frequency: can be used after every hair wash.
  • Ingredients: Rosemary Hydrosol (from France), Soy Hydrolysate, Carob Tree Hydrolysate, Rosemary Extract, Sage Extract, Nettle Extract, Yarrow Extract, Horsetail Extract, Lime Tree Extract, Birch Extract, Denatured Alcohol 95%, D-panthenol, Skin-safe Fragrance Oil.