Wild Wood Nymph — Delicate Solid Perfume
Wild Wood Nymph — Delicate Solid Perfume
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Wild Wood Nymph — Delicate Solid Perfume

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Visualize a long walk through a dew-soaked forest. The smell of trees and moist earth beneath your feet. Warm, woodsy notes of pine, sandalwood and palo santo layered with earthy patchouli, and the energy-clearing aroma of soft, herbaceous sage. A sweet longing is interwoven with delicate notes of ylang ylang and Egyptian musk. The spellbinding scents of luxurious neroli and jasmine tie up this grounding blend for all who want to feel wild, damply alive and free. That's the imagery created from Wild Wood Nymph's scent.

You can expect an incense-like aroma with deep, smoky undertones which then sweetens to exotic florals as it unfolds.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that essential oil scents are often softer & more subtle and will wear very close to the body - you will not have a cloud of scent around you.

The best way to activate the fragrance is to apply small amount in the areas where the body heat is highest and you will enjoy a longer lasting aroma.

To apply, swirl finger in solid perfume and apply directly to pulse points (wrist, neck) or skin. If a stronger level of this fragrance is desired, continue application until the desired level is achieved.  Solid perfumes can also be applied to hair.

Wild Wood Nymph is the perfect portable fragrance that easily fits in a clutch, bag, or purse. It is also wonderful for traveling as it can go right in a carry-on bag.

  • 10g aluminium tin
  • Alcohol and Beeswax free
  • Made with ethically sourced ingredients including shea butter, candelilla wax, pine rosin, jasmine sambac floral wax and jojoba oil
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures