Origin Story


I wanted to create a brand that was non-conforming, as we are far more culturally/ethnically diverse and complex.

Growing up, I was exposed to beauty products that catered to or chose to highlight the typical characteristics of what society dictated being female was all about/supposed to be.

That did not resonate with me.

I've learned that every person's skin is different, and while something might work great for the majority, it could be a little different for you. Based on all of this, the 'raw rebel' brand persona was born with one key difference – that our blends are bespoke.


The Raw Rebel is home to bespoke skincare and haircare, as well as tattoo aftercare products. Each item is lovingly handmade to order with good intentions and ingredients that are sourced locally and internationally.


We like to keep things fresh, so, we get our non-toxic, premium ingredients (food grade/organic/plant derivatives/lab tested botanical extracts, herbs or any combination thereof) in small batches to maintain a high quality. Our formulas are fluid which allows us to customize products to suit your individual needs.


These formulas have gone through a stringent testing process (on ourselves, loved ones and test groups) for your peace of mind. Some remedies have been passed down through generations, some are born from more recent developments in the industry, we do our best to make sure the individual ingredient claims are backed by science.


We're all about the journey of self-discovery, self-love, self-care, and returning to our roots. Embrace nature, your natural beauty and your wild. 


We welcome all to #therebelution