Radical Rosemary Hydrosol Toner
Radical Rosemary Hydrosol Toner
Radical Rosemary Hydrosol Toner
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Radical Rosemary Hydrosol Toner

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Everything's coming up rosemary!

What was once radical has the potential to be timeless. Like this herb hydrosol for instance.


Rosemary got its name from the Latin “rosmarinus,” which means “dew of the sea.” Its primary reputation in skin care and cosmetics is its ability to balance natural oils. "It can help refresh oily skin and hair without causing excess dryness. If you have oily skin or clogged pores, this is also the herb to look for."

"Rosemary is rich in antioxidants like carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid. It can rejuvenate skin to give it a more youthful glow. It has been said to help give your skin a firmer, tighter look too."


"While the more recent toners could still get rid of some dirt, their main purpose is to replenish and hydrate the skin after cleansing and serve as a primer for the remainder of your skincare products."

There are a few ways you can add a hydrosol to your beauty rituals besides using it as a gentle toner. Here are some ideas:

- Use it in place of water when you mix powdered masks.

- Wipe it over your face to remove the grime of the day and refresh the skin.

- Combine it with a face or body oil (in your palm) to help the oil absorb into the skin.

- Mist your skin with it right before applying a serum or moisturizer to help those products absorb better.



  • 50ml/100ml/150ml
  • Housed in amber PET plastic spray bottle(s)
  • Imported from Spain / France and sourced in small batches
  • Your Ritual: After cleansing, spritz your skin generously with a hydrosol and leave it to dry. Alternatively, you can dampen a clean cotton ball or reusable face round with your chosen hydrosol and gently blot the skin all over your face and neck. Feel free to gently sweep it across your face, using upward strokes (if you'd like) before allowing it to dry. Continue with the next step in your morning and night skincare routine.
  • Ingredient(s): Rosemary Hydrosol.