Pit Peeves Detox Pot
Pit Peeves Detox Pot
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Pit Peeves Detox Pot

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It’s no surprise that traditional deodorants contain undesirable ingredients. Based on what we've read, everything from heavy metals and phthalates to formaldehyde and pesticides might be lurking in your antiperspirant.

When chemicals are applied to the skin, they enter the bloodstream directly without first being filtered like the food we eat. When applied to your armpits, these chemicals sink directly into the lymph nodes beneath your arms. Overburdening your lymph nodes can lead to all sorts of issues.

A little underarm TLC goes a long way toward ridding your body of built-up chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals from deodorants and antiperspirants. While your body is perfectly capable of detoxing on it's own, this armpit mask may aid the process of restoring bacterial balance to your underarms.

Bentonite clay is said to help draw out chemicals from the skin. Within a week or two you should notice that you’re sweating less and you smell better (without the help of deodorant!). If it takes you a little longer to notice results, be patient and give it time to work it’s magic.


  • 100g
  • Housed in a clear glass jar
  • Handmade to order
  • Ingredients: Wyoming Bentonite Clay, Organic Chickpea Powder, Bamboo Charcoal, Organic Lemon Powder, Organic Turmeric Powder.